Ali Baba
Ali Baba

A restaurant with Lebanese roots

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Started as a family-run Lebanese restaurant back in 1987, Ali Baba has since become a household name for authentic Lebanese cuisine in Malta. Approaching its 30th anniversary, Ali Baba was ready for a re-brand that was matched with a full redesign of its interior and the launch of a new dining experience.


Ali Baba's roots still lie deep in Lebanese culture and its brand needed to reflect this. Looking at Arabic calligraphy we studied typical forms which are commonly found in Arabic lettering. Noticing similarities between traditional Latin characters and those found in the Arabic language, we designed a custom logotype that echoed Arabic forms while still retaining clear legibility.


The brand was carried out throughout all touchpoints together with the restaurant’s interior using a toned down colour palette.

Ali Baba Ali Baba
Ali Baba

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