Hotel Juliani
Hotel Juliani

Optimisation, from Check-in to Check-out

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Execution


Hotel Juliani sought to re-capture booking share from profit-draining booking platforms (such as and Expedia). This hotel also needed a strategy for leading in an increasingly competitive market.


Our solution was to create a bespoke integrated marketing communications strategy that would equip Hotel Juliani with a long-term competitive advantage. Together, we are enhancing the guest experience in unexpected ways and empowering guests to spread the word about Hotel Juliani within digital communities.


Hotel Juliani’s personalised service and communications approach has seen the hotel named one of the top 100 boutique hotels in the world by Expedia, and the #1 hotel in Malta by TripAdvisor.

Photos by Brian Grech

Real Results

  • +11 %
    direct booking rate over industry average
  • 46 %
    increase in social media following
  • 170 %
    increase in social media reach
  • 11 %
    increase in website visitors
  • 12 %
    improvement in search engine marketing performance, without budget change
  • 60 %
    higher email marketing click through rate than industry average
Hotel Juliani Hotel Juliani
Hotel Juliani

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