Coffee Rituals Meet Christmas Rituals

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For a second year, Hangar was entrusted with Lavazza’s national Christmas campaign for its A Modo Mio coffee machine range. Our brief was to create an engaging Christmas campaign that cleverly competed with aggressive competitors during the most cluttered advertising period of the year.


Based on our proven knowledge of Lavazza’s target audience, and the digital advertising environment in Malta, we devised a campaign strategy that brought together two beloved rituals: the rituals of Christmas with the daily morning ritual of coffee preparation. We produced two photography commissions with Lavazza products and local influencers sharing the starring role.


This was Lavazza’s most successful digital campaign to date in Malta. While advertising budgets remained the same year over year, this campaign still achieved a 50% increase in Christmas sales. Additionally, the campaign drove a 380% increase in sales enquiries whilst eliciting a strong and authentic response amongst target audiences.

Campaign Photography: Jan Zammit, Models: Xandru Grech, Grazielle Camilleri, Caroline Paris, Dorianne Mamo, Pavli Medvedova

Rituals Responses

  • +50 %
    Increase in Sales
  • +380 %
    Increase in Direct Enquiries
  • +6 %
    Organic Audience Growth
  • +9 K
    Direct Content Responses
  • 5 %
    Organic Reach (European Average: 1%)
  • 13 %
    Recall Rate (+25% Increase YOY)
Lavazza Lavazza
Lavazza Lavazza
Lavazza Lavazza