Hangar helps companies matter more to their customers and profit by putting people first.

—We believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Built on a foundation of unwavering principles, at Hangar the agility, pace and creativity of a startup meet best practice delivery and deep industry experience.


We Are Why People

We are not Yes people, we are Why people. We want to understand (good or bad) what keeps you up at night. We do not fear challenges. We understand that constraints and objectives are part of the creative process and embryos for experimentation.


Partner with Partners

Working with Hangar means working directly with one of our partners — the people who have the highest stake in your success, the greatest breadth and depth of experience, and a pragmatic business owner’s perspective.


We Love Our Craft

We take pride in the work we do. We love creating and promoting products that demonstrate attention to detail, a high level of craftsmanship and a generous pinch of stickiness.


No Spec

We don’t do free pitches or spec work (and we’re not alone). Good work involves thought and research. Pitches and spec work usually involve cheap templates or recycled or copied concepts. This is not how Hangar works.


No Commissions

We earn our worth by adding value to projects and work with the best printers, artisans or advertisers for your project. We never accept commissions from advertisers or suppliers. Quality and fit are the only things that influence our selection process. As it should be.


No Sales Team

At Hangar bespoke is more than a buzzword. Our work is specifically designed to solve our clients’ unique problems. And it does. We don’t have a sales team because our biggest selling tool is our work and our clients. They are the truest testimonials of our expertise and dedication to our craft

Clint Tabone - Profile Photo - Hangar

Design Partner + Brand Strategist

Clint is the founder, Design Partner and Brand Strategist at Hangar. In the last thirteen years, he has worked across industries and helped businesses find their voice through branding and design.

Clint holds an M. Ent in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship. Besides running Hangar, Clint has launched digital startups, and in 2016 secured a $100,000 seed round from a Google Executive and Angel Investor in San Francisco for a music startup called Kwaver. Kwaver was invited as a case study for Google Partner Day and Google IO Conference earlier that year.

Although described as a designer, Clint has worked in print, web, branding, creative direction, UX, UI and front-end development.

Jess Gerrow - Profile Photo - Hangar

Marketing Partner + Strategist

Jess is our big ideas, bigger words person. Jess shapes marketing strategies, messaging and advertising campaigns for startups to international brands, ensuring that brands get noticed by the right audiences.

Jess holds an M.Sc. Business Administration (Summa Cum Laude, San Diego State University), an M.A. Integrated Marketing Communications (University of Malta) and a B.A. Art History (NSCADU). She is also the author of “The Rough Guide to Malta & Gozo” (Penguin Random House, 2018).

Jan Frantz - Profile Photo - Hangar

Designer + Illustrator

So patient he was sorted into Hufflepuff, Jan’s pixel-perfect illustrations, web and UI designs bring brands to life across platforms.

Steve Cortis - Profile Photo - Hangar

Developer + UX Designer

An insatiable reader with a taste for fine art, Steve ensures our websites and apps function as beautifully as they look.

Connor Cowling - Profile Photo - Hangar

Web + Mobile Developer

Connor is a sneakerhead and sound engineer turned developer who brings clarity to complex ideas on screens of all sizes.

Julian Bonello - Profile Photo - Hangar


A vintage memorabilia collector and type aficionado, Julian’s designs are steeped in visions of history — but forever visionary.

Fleur Sciortino - Profile Photo - Hangar

Designer + Illustrator

Grounded in the world of all things geek, Fleur turns her fantasy world into a reality.


6 ideas that guide our decision making and shape our work


People First

We help companies matter more to their customers and employees, and profit by putting people first. By creating experiences, products and spaces that make people's lives better, we strengthen brands—and bottom lines.


The Pixel is the Limit

No detail is too small. We look at the bigger picture but we understand the importance that small details hold. Perfection is in our DNA, and we understand great design is an art of reduction. A great designer or marketer is able to find a balance between the important and the unnecessary.


Selective by Design

Our vision has always been clear: quality over quantity. Hangar is selective by design, right down to our name. A hangar is a place where engineers and designers meet to attain high levels of precision; where it takes skill, ambition and craftsmanship to survive. But we never forget the essential thing in a hangar isn’t the aircraft. It’s the people it will carry.


Always be Creating & Shipping

Creativity is like a muscle and it needs exercise. Being constantly creative helps us stay energised while seeing our products in the wild keeps our morale high.


Learn & Share

Learning curves are sexy. As individuals and as an agency learning is on our agenda. We share what we learn with others and create an environment where those around us to do the same.


Deep in Collaboration

Collaboration creates results that are greater than the sum of its parts. We choose people wisely and work with ambitious, talented individuals who share our passion and values.