We marry design wit with business intuition to deliver results that are both beautiful and appropriate.

We are a value-driven branding and design studio. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right—and it should last. The longer our work lasts, the highest is its return on investment.


We do things differently

Since 2012, we have challenged conventions to create a different kind of studio built on a foundation of unwavering principles.


We are Why People

We are not Yes people, we are Why people. We want to understand (good or bad) what keeps you up at night. We understand that constraints and objectives are part of the creative process and embryos for experimentation. We root our work in meticulous research and observation to understand your business and its challenges and opportunities.


No friction

Working with Hangar means working directly with the project lead — the people who have the highest stake in your success, the greatest breadth and depth of experience, and a pragmatic business owner’s perspective. We don’t have a sales team because our biggest selling tool is our work and our clients.


Selective by design

Our vision has always been clear: quality over quantity. Hangar is selective by design, right down to our name. A hangar is a place where engineers and designers meet to attain high levels of precision; where it takes skill, ambition and craftsmanship to survive. But we never forget the essential thing in a hangar isn’t the aircraft. It’s the people it will carry.

Jan Frantz

Jan Frantz

Designer & Illustrator

Kicking-off his design career as a junior designer with Hangar back in 2015, Jan quickly turned into a master illustrator with an impressive eye for detail and a portfolio to match. His meticulous organisation skills have helped him work on various projects and design collateral from intricate illustrations for fintech brands to playful and provocative lettering for catering establishments.

Clint profile

Clint Tabone

Founder & Creative Director

In the last sixteen years Clint has worked across industries and helped businesses find their voice through branding and design.

Clint has previously launched tech startups, and in 2016 secured a seed round from a Google Executive and Angel Investor based in San Francisco for a music startup called Kwaver which was also invited as a case study for Google Partner Day and Google IO Conference.

He designed a 10-week course entitled Designing for Intent: A Design Process from Lead to Launch and lectured it at the University of Malta between 2019 and 2020.

Julian Bonello

Julian Bonello

Designer & Illustrator

After completing a M.A. in Graphic Design Communication at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom, Julian returned to the local design sector to work alongside the industry’s best designers, marketers, developers and management teams creating the most ubiquitous brand and marketing campaigns on the island.

Focused on branding, Julian’s portfolio is dominated by F&B, hospitality, and experiential brands.

Julian gives meaningful, contemporary yet timeless characters to some of Malta’s most established institutions, as well as international brands in the tech sphere.

Select clients

  • Ixaris Fintech • UK/MT
  • Token Fintech • US
  • Yapstone Fintech • US
  • BLI Finance • US
  • Weavr Fintech • UK
  • Brands ID Capital Finance • PT
  • Elmara Wellness • US
  • Simmula Edtech • MT
  • The WorkLife Hub Future of Work • BE
  • Stellantis Insurance • FR
  • Dedaub Blockchain • MT/GR
  • Tendable Healthtech • UK

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