A selection of work from different industries and markets.

Bark Image

Bark Bespoke and off-the-shelf


Simmula Learning English in an alternative dimension

Umnai Image

Umnai AI for humans

Increment Image

Increment Plus is for progress

Paytrix Image

Paytrix Curating financial solutions

Vioside Image

Vioside Evolve to simplicity

Vaia Image

Vaia Personalised legal services

Find 1

Find On our radar

Tendable Image

Tendable When technology cares

Yapstone 4

Yapstone Amplified global payments

Dedaub 1

Dedaub Uncovering vulnerabilities

Weavr Image

Weavr Plug and play finance

Airdrop Image

Airdrop Dropping like they’re hot

Voltaic 1

Voltaic Supercharged payments

Ixaris Image

Ixaris Optimising payments from London to Malta

Tacct Image

Tacct Accounting co-pilot

Token Image

Token Driving the shift to bank payments

Elmara Image

Elmara Sit in style

Onvoy 1

Onvoy Building the future of fintech

Brands Lab International Image

Brands Lab International Branding luxury from Miami to Malta

Brands ID Capital Image

Brands ID Capital Luxury as an investment

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