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Airdrop was uncharted territory for Hangar, but we quickly had to adapt and understand the world of token distribution. Airdrop offers the opportunity for people to test new products in exchange of tokens, as a fair way of distribution.


The name is straight-forward and self-explanatory and as a Web 3.0 term, it is already understood and recognised among the target audience. Using this information to leverage the recognisability we also wanted to stay away from visual clichés or overused symbolism. The Airdrop logo combines the lowercase letter a from the logotype with the lines found in parachutes — a very commonly used symbol for airdrops. This helped us create a new symbol from a familiar form.


The overall brand is forward looking, easily understood, and recognisable. The tone is playful and appeals to the wide audience that Airdrop is going after.

Cryptocurrency branding billboard
Cryptocurrency branding illustration
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