Casual dining with an attitude
Burger Restaurant signage Design
  • Story
  • Packaging
  • Creative Direction
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Branded Interiors


Our brief was to create a brand identity that differentiated Bandit—an American-style fast casual restaurant—from other burger joints. Bandit’s brand therefore needed to be distinctive and daring, from the brand’s name to its burger wrappers.

Photography: Xavier Neg.


We proposed the name Bandit and the tagline Eat Irresponsibly, both based on a brand narrative inspired by the character of an outlaw who revels in rule breaking. Bandit’s signature massive portions and unusual ingredient combinations are complimented by a rebellious brand spirit equally as larger-than-life. Cheeky brand messages such as No Carbs, No Glory and Take it with a Punch of Salt make Bandit’s marketing as memorable as your first taste of its Holy Trinity burger.


Bandit’s visual brand identity is inspired by the American prohibition period and tattoo subculture, which both informed the choice and design of typography, colour, logotype and food packaging.