Bombay Sapphire

A win for gin
Product Photography Shoot Malta
  • Photography
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  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Production
  • Marketing Execution


We were challenged to conceptualise and produce an integrated marketing campaign for Bombay Sapphire that sustained brand engagement during Malta’s cluttered and competitive summer season.

This campaign needed to keep Bombay Sapphire top of mind across multiple market segments and retail environments, and include strong elements of localisation to encourage Maltese audiences to actively connect with this global brand.

Photos by Jan Zammit


This unconventional photo shoot set offered the added benefit of extra brand exposure on Valletta’s busiest street. To maximise the impact of our campaign budget, elements from this gin garden were re-used to bring a touch of glamour to Bombay Sapphire’s successive Gin Up events, which we invited VIP’s to with personalised brand packages. We further extended the campaign below the line with promotional offers and custom designed retail displays.


The campaign outperformed expectations, increasing brand engagement by 800% and doubling recall rates year over year. Besides appearing in the Instagram feeds and Facebook pages of social influencers, this campaign was also featured in an episode of popular Maltese reality TV show “Benjamin”.