Brands ID Capital

Luxury-real estate investment fund branding
  • User Experience
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding


Brands ID Capital is a Luxembourg-based company connecting investors to branded real estate opportunities in Miami, Munich, Lisbon and London.

Our brief was to develop a brand identity that positions Brands ID Capital as a trustworthy fund management company. We also designed and built a website to act as a compelling point of reference for potential investors and partners.


Brand ID Capital's visual identity needed to look relevant and current. We tackled this challenge by first defining the brand, and considering how it would confidently sit next to any well-established investment firm.

We created visual balance in Brand ID Capital's custom-designed wordmark by using the ID as a pivot point. This colour palette creates a contrast that is never too loud, with hues that are timeless yet approachable, leaving room for the typography to shine.

We explored serif typefaces that exude confidence, trust, and elegance. The typography is a combination of a delicate old-style inspired serif, full of character when used at large sizes, which we neatly balanced with the neutrality of the sans-serif Graphik.’


Brand ID Capital‘s visual identity is seamlessly translated through its web experience and across investor touchpoints, reflecting and reinforcing its sophisticated portfolio and positioning.

Brands id capital logo

António Vieira de Almeida


“Word of mouth from happy clients is a company’s best advertising tool, so the saying goes. Nothing could be truer in our decision to engage with Hangar. As a company with head offices in Luxembourg, and a presence also in Miami and Lisbon, selecting a creative agency in Malta was not an obvious choice. But a very happy client told us to give it a go and this we did.

Hangar is a very professional, creative and efficient company. On the creative side, Hangar always came up with very innovative solutions that were right in line with our briefing. Hangar is also very efficient and the level of service that it provides is flawless. Deliverables are always right on the agreed schedule and any changes or adjustments that are required are almost instantly taken care of. Finally, Hangar is very professional in the sense that, although they know that they are the specialists in creative design and have strong ideas regarding where to go from the initial briefing, they are nevertheless always open and interested in listening to the client’s comments and suggestions in order to strive for the client’s complete satisfaction with the end result. Is there anything else that you can ask from your agency?”