Cosmana Navarra

History as a delicious ingredient
Restaurant Malta
  • Story
  • Packaging
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Illustration


This casual restaurant is set in one of Rabat’s oldest palazzos, built by Cosmana Navarra (1600-1687), a remarkable woman and the mastermind and benefactress of the St. Paul Parish Church in Rabat. When Cosmana Navarra (the restaurant) recently changed ownership, it was time for a fresh start that would remain true to Cosmana Navarra (the woman)’s story.


We designed a brand identity that communicates the spirit of Cosmana Navarra through typography and form. It is distinctive and remains reminiscent of the decorative features found in a traditional trattoria. A main graphic element is the window, directly inspired by the window of Cosmana’s bedroom, which she purposefully built to overlook the construction progress on the church. In addition, we designed icons for Cosmana Navarra. They are derived from traditional architectural elements found within the building, the icons are used as a branding component that elevates Cosmana Navarra’s unique features.


In tandem with a rebranding exercise, we also prepared a marketing strategy for Cosmana Navarra. With plenty of competing restaurants in Rabat and Mdina, we had to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Our research concluded that Cosmana required a three-prong marketing approach combining digital discoverability, social proof and physical discoverability. With a brand identity re-rooted in history, a new menu and an energetic, young team, Cosmana Navarra is ready to retake her place as an icon in Rabat.