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The name Dedaub originates from the word daub which is to cover something with a thick or sticky liquid, often quickly or carelessly. Naturally, Dedaub means to uncover something which was done carelessly and this is what Dedaub’s mission is. Through audits and purposely built products, Dedaub offers security expertise to ensure that protocols are well prepared against any attacks. Following their success in the first two years, Dedaub were ready to elevate the brand and attract new business through a newly launched rebrand and website.


  • web design

  • web development

  • creative direction

  • collateral design

  • branding

  • Product & UX

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Typed to encrypt

The typography plays on the idea of revealing letters from a different font to give the impression that an encrypted message is revealed.

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We used the name Dedaub as a starting point to develop the visual identity, translating the name’s definition into a visual interpretation of the process of bringing a subject from obscurity into light. The logotype’s anatomy is based on quasi-identical shapes which turn the logotype into illegible forms when fully covered. Once each shape is revealed they create perfectly legible glyphs and the word Dedaub emerges.

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07 blockchain security branding mobile


The result is a visual identity based on various elements inspired by futurism and technology, from the abstract imagery to messages hidden in hexadecimal codes throughout the website. Similar to the logotype, the brand’s typography plays on the idea of revealing letters from a different font to give the impression that an encrypted message is revealed.

08 blockchain security branding guidelines
09 blockchain security branding icon
10 blockchain security branding graphic
11 blockchain security branding mobile mockup 12 blockchain security branding business card

Product Design

Together with Dedaub’s dev team, we continue to build the next generation of blockchain contract library and other stand-alone products.

13 blockchain security branding graphic
14 blockchain security branding graphic

Hangar designed all our brand assets, our branding guidelines, and our website, which they also implemented. I think the result speaks for itself: it is clearly professional-grade, elevating our image and routinely earning us praise. The site is incredibly elegant, beautiful, responsive, and functional. Everything was done with attention to detail, from the content, to the fonts, to the colours, to the motifs, for a superb final result.

Yannis Smaragdakis
Yannis Smaragdakis Co-founder

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