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Elmara is a health and wellness startup producing ergonomic cushions for the US market. The brand needed to be ready to scale and adapt as new products are gradually added to its lineup. Hangar were tasked with proposing a brand name, the visual identity and design the products for launch and beyond.


Following a secondary research exercise, we proposed a name which resonates with the American market; one that communicates strength while being soft sounding. Known for its strength and endurance, the elm tree grows across most states in the US which makes it a familiar sounding name while the -ara suffix makes the name phonetically softer.

Together with Elmara’s founder we worked on positioning the brand and using the right tone that speaks to the target market through language and visuals. We proposed the line Turn any chair into an ergonomic chair as a promise that Elmara can truly convert your seating experience regardless of where that experience is.


The brand presents itself as calm, soft and human with a focus on style and Elmara’s logotype is testament to that. The soft curves together with the iconic lowercase L make the logotype approachable, memorable and above all human.

The photography places the product centre stage to emphasise the stylish nature and the attention to detail, whether it is the texture or the subtle branding.


  • Daryl Cauchi


  • Clive Brincat


Wellness branding cushion hands
Wellness branding logo embroidery
Wellness branding packaging
Wellness branding art direction
Wellness branding cushion tag Wellness branding cushion styled photo
Wellness branding subway billboard

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