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Find is a performance based affiliate and content marketing brand. Its goal is to become the go-to website for products in the crypto, finance, entertainment space and software, backed with validated reviews and ratings from users. The newly renamed business reached out to Hangar to help them build a new visual identity which is based on this new business model.


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Always on the lookout

We built the visual identity around the concept of sonar or radar systems after noticing parallels between this and the way that Find operates. An active search rather than passive — a constant endeavour, easily providing many results initiated from a signal sent by the subject.

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Find’s mission is to help audiences find brands and services they love. During our discovery phase, we wanted to explore visuals that can define the word find and the concept of searching through data to find the best outcome. We felt that the concept of a navigator assisted through technology resonates closely with the business offering and we started building the narrative on this idea. This is when we came across visuals of radar and sonar scanners.

The concept’s strength of sonar or radar systems lies in the constant scanning and searching. It is a constant endeavour, easily providing many results — an active one rather than a passive one that expects the signal to reach the destination. The sonar system sends the first signal and retrieves the information, meaning it is a search initiator. This draws a parallel with’s behaviour as a product.

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Using visuals that are inspired from radar and sonar scanners, we developed a set of modular graphics that can be composed in different ways to create a new artwork each time. The graphics can also be extended to animation, making them usable in more contexts. The colour palette gives the graphics a more relevant and current identity which is representative of the industries that Find operates in.

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