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Luckily for us, we had worked with Paytrix’s co-founders on previous projects so there was already a sense of familiarity and understanding. Aran and Eddie knew what to expect of Hangar and we also immediately understood what the co-founders were after. Aran’s brief was simple and straight-forward: “All the fintechs out there are hues of blues and green. We should go with pink.” And so we did. This was the starting point for Paytrix’s visual identity.

Providing a payments infrastructure across markets and industries can become complex. Paytrix is a new fintech player that promises to offer one contract, one API to merchants aiming to scale their business in multiple markets and industries. Its mission is to keep things simple: curating complex endpoints into one connected solution.


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Smooth scaling payments

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An icon that scales smoothly

During our exploration process for the Paytrix icon we wanted to start with the idea of scalability or growth. We asked ourselves a simple question: How can growth be visualised? One of the pictures that kept coming to us was a chart going up in a diagonal direction. This may seem cliché at first, but it is also perhaps the most recognisable graphic in and out of the boardroom. The challenge was to include a symbol that is curved into a letter that is predominantly upright.

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We wanted to communicate Paytrix’s mission in a simple, yet universally comprehensible message. And that’s where Smooth Scaling Payments was born. This message not only conveys the mission, but also has a familiar ring to it. It also informed the visual identity, starting with the P icon, followed by the logotype and the supporting typography.

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Paytrix’s visual identity is intentionally simplistic, further re-enforcing its ambition of simplifying payments. The optimistic colour palette sets Paytrix apart from its competition, which are usually dressed in a sea of blue hues. The result is an engaging, approachable brand that adds an element of playfulness and personality.

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We started Paytrix with just a powerpoint and an idea — but that idea didn’t truly take form until we partnered with Hangar to build a brand around it. The Hangar team was excellent in taking our concepts and thoughts and converting them into a visual identity that helped us resonate with customers, prospective employees, and investors. On that last point — I don’t think we would have had as much traction without the unique identity carefully crafted by Hangar leaping off the page.

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Eddie Harrison Co-Founder & CPO

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