Agħmillhom Wieħed!
Stretta beer malta
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Illustration
  • Marketing Campaign


Stretta is a budding young beer startup developing recipes from a small beer lab in Malta. Launched in 2016, Stretta rose to the top of the charts in short order. Summer 2019 saw a new chapter written in Stretta’s story with the launch of Stretta Premium Lager: a beer positioned between craft and mainstream lagers set to significantly expand Stretta’s market presence. Hangar was trusted to support this market launch with an integrated marketing campaign.

Photography by Daryl Cauchi. Tberfil art by Joseph Farrugia.


In Malta, summer is lager season. Staying true to Stretta’s craft roots and identity rooted in the hey-day of Malta’s red-light district, we wanted to tap into the nostalgia of what makes Malta’s summers so packed with pleasure: Salt in your hair. Sweat on your skin. And a cold bottle on your lips—all while surrounded by friends.

The Maltese phrase Agħmillhom Wieħed (Get them a round) became the rallying cry of this campaign, which kicked off with a skyline launch party in Valletta, where Chef Debbie Schembri’s nostalgically naughty Maltese snacks brought out the best in Stretta’s brews. For Stretta, history meets his story.

With Agħmillhom Wieħed in mind, we designed custom beer buckets, some decorated with tberfil (Maltese handpainted designs), to perfectly fit a round of four bottles. A matching beer coaster game, based on the traditional passju (a game played by Maltese children) offered consumers a fun way to decide who gets the next round. Finally, cheeky illustrations and punny content kept the good times going on social media.

With a perfectly personal touch from Brewmaster John, Stretta’s new premium lager speaks to the hearts—and mouths—of Maltese consumers.