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For a freelancer or a small business, keeping up with the business finances’ can be tedious. This tends to get in the way and distract from focusing on the business’ operations. In some cases, accounting takes a lower priority or even worse eats away from personal free time.

Tacct promises to change this and wants entrepreneurs to forget about accounting and outsource it to them so that business owners can focus on what they do best, while taking back personal time and have peace of mind.


Tacct’s business is small which means that the service is personal and you’re always working with the people behind the business. We proposed the name Tacct as an amalgamation of the word tact — a show of skill and sensitivity towards difficult issues — and the abbreviation acct. which is often used as a shortened version of accounts or accountancy.

We wanted to present Tacct as a partner that you can rely on — one that offers peace of mind. Without using the word partner to avoid ambiguity as well as clichés, we opted for co-pilot. The co-pilot fits Tacct’s personality perfectly — someone who you can rely on when the captain isn’t available to do the job.


The brand is presented in a youthful tone of voice and visual identity, to fit the needs of young entrepreneurs, startup and small business owners. From the typography to the colour palette, this visual identity hovers on the balance between a lifestyle brand and a corporate one.

The visual direction takes inspiration from the the go-to tool for those that work in finance — spreadsheets. Not a tool that us designers are usually fond of, but definitely one which has offered us a beautiful canvas to work with.

payroll and accounting firm branding signage
Payroll and accounting firm social media posts

Spreadsheets are the new sketchbooks

This project gave us a new appreciation for spreadsheets, perhaps not the kind of appreciation that it is usually known of receiving, but a valid one nonetheless. We used spreadsheets as an inspiration to create a versatile grid to build Tacct’s visual identity on.

Payroll and accounting firm branding and stationery design
Payroll and accounting firm colour palette

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