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Formerly known as Perfect Ward, Tendable set out to disrupt the way hospital and clinic audits are carried out. Building a mobile app for health and care teams meant that audits and quality checks are always within reach. This replaced a traditional method of using complex printed forms, which made the process easier, more secure and could provide detailed data and analytics. The leadership team together with their investors decided that it was time to rebrand Perfect Ward to prepare it for its future growth and product development.


We interviewed Tendable’s team and clients to understand what made the product special and what it meant to them. A clear message was evident from the early interviews—Tendable is about caring and its community.

We proposed a name which doesn’t stray far from Tendable’s culture of caring. The name Tendable originates from the combination of the words tend—to give attention, care for, and able—capable, to make possible.

Tendable is about people and its community first, and then technology and this can be visible through every brand element. The logo’s type was carefully treated to create a soft, human and approachable look—one which cares as much as Tendable does.


We developed an adaptive and useable visual language through illustration—one that could merge the human element with Tendable’s technology and could be used for various collateral, whether a blog post or an instruction manual.


Health tech branding billboard colour

A familiar colour palette

The colour palette was inspired by uniform colour codes used in hospital wards and clinics in different health divisions. This made sure that the colours fit within the environment and provide a palette that users were already familiar and comfortable with.

Health tech instagram content
We found Hangar excellent to work with. In a short space of time, they really got to understand our business, our culture and our values. They helped us develop and deliver a new brand with a sense of purpose and professionalism. The new brand was delivered seamlessly and was received extremely favourably by our clients and our investors, who have seen many rebranding exercises. A pleasure to work with.

Tim Bolot


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