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Token is a disruptor in the fintech space, offering a frictionless way for merchants to accept payments. Rather than using traditional methods which are frequently slow, expensive and dependent on third-party providers, Token directly connects bank accounts for an efficient and inexpensive solution. The objective was to position Token as a strong payment solution and prepare the company for the next rounds of funding and further growth.


  • web design

  • web development

  • brand strategy

  • creative direction

  • collateral design

  • copywriting

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Inspired by the shape of a token symbol, we put our focus on the letter O as the centre piece of Token’s logotype. It also emphasized Token’s message: “A shift is happening” by creating a disruption in the logo’s silhouette. This shift was then applied to other parts of the visual identity.

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A shift is happening

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Practical typography

The team at Token are Google Workspace users. The brief requested that the fonts are accessible, practical, and easy to use. We chose DM Sans for its clean lines that aptly matched Token’s brand simplicity and structured geometry but also for its accessibility being a Google Font. Limiting the selection to just one font family ensured that the team at Token face no hesitation in using the type as it was intended.

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Through primary research with Token’s leadership team we helped position Token as a frictionless payment provider. This helped us build the tone of voice, purpose and messaging around the concept of driving a shift in the way that merchants receive payments.

Using the shape of a token as a memorable and recognisable element, this was integrated into the logotype itself without adding any other visual weight or distractions. The structure, proportion and nuances of the logotype informed the rest of the visual identity to create a cohesive but distinct look. The typography palette was kept to a minimum and takes into account practicality and accessibility based on Token’s team size and structure.

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The result is a sophisticated and confident look which focuses on visual simplicity paired with strong messaging. Driving the shift from traditional payment methods to bank payments is a reminder of Token’s role in making an impact in the way that payments are delivered for years to come.

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Working with Hangar was the best experience I’ve ever had with a design firm. From our initial briefing to the day we launched our new visual identity and website, Hangar was invested in achieving a deep understanding of our business and industry. The designs and content they delivered were excellent, and perfect after the first iteration. One year on, Token continues to look and feel like the payments industry leader we are.

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