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Before ChatGPT and Midjourney brought AI into the mainstream, we were approached by Umnai to help position and rebrand their explainable AI technology. Although AI had been around for some time, information about the technology was still limited. This created a sense of mystery and made it inaccessible to most people, but not for Umnai. Umnai is approachable, trustworthy, and collaborative.


  • web design

  • web development

  • copywriting

  • creative direction

  • collateral design

  • branding

  • brand strategy

  • positioning

02 AI b2b branding print
Umnai typography
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At the time, hype and hyperbole surrounded explainable AI—and most of that came from XAI (explainable artificial intelligence) startups themselves. We saw this as an opportunity to position Umnai on the opposite side of this spectrum.

Being unconventional in this space means creating a communication style that is direct and human, rather than hyperbolic and ambiguous, while remaining inspiring and engaging.

06 AI b2b branding colours palette
07 AI b2b branding stationery

What happens next is up to you

Umnai colours
09 AI b2b branding brochure
10 AI b2b branding guidelines
11 AI b2b branding data visualisation
Umnai colour combinations


The Umnai logotype is clearly legible, approachable and communicates strength. The modified U serves as an icon that can stand on its own which also serves as an adaptive graphic for various visual applications. Using Umnai’s colour palette, we proposed textures that could support the visual identity while representing the use of AI in different industries.

13 AI b2b branding mobile web design
14 AI b2b branding website
15 AI b2b branding data 16 AI b2b branding logo icon 17 AI b2b branding photography
18 AI b2b branding social media posts
19 AI b2b branding website mobile resources 20 AI b2b branding badge

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