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Most law firms are traditional from the way they carry out business transactions to the way they look. Their processes are overly complicated and allow room for bureaucracies that distance the human element from the job. In the end, the relationship is impersonal and inefficient. But Vaia is set to change that.

Launched in 2021 as a personalised boutique law firm, Vaia is an expert in corporate, maritime and aviation law for high net worth individuals with a mission on simplifying legal procedures.


The name Vaia originates from the word via — travelling through a route or passage. The letters used in the name Vaia itself proved to be a challenge due to their angular anatomy, however its meaning gave us a fresh look at how we can interpret this visually. We looked at the shapes trailing behind a moving boat which is called wake — these originate from the boat’s bow as they slowly open and disappear into the water. This informed the design of an intricate motif which found its place in Vaia’s different brand touch points, from the website to the business cards where the shapes take a more tactile form through debossing.


The brand is minimal and understated, and through the colour palette, the typography and the visual and verbal tone, the end result is sophisticated but informal yet contemporary while still relatable to the target audiences. Borrowing language from the same industry that Vaia serves, we proposed messaging that could be easily understood while positioning Vaia as a personal and approachable law firm.


Wake to wave

We created a motif which is inspired from the shapes that boats leave behind as they travel above water. This effect is called wake and starts forming in wavy lines which fade out into straight lines as they slowly disappear and blend into the surface of the water.

Custom logotype

Based on an already designed font, we modified the word Vaia to give it a new personality. The wedge serifs were carefully designed to give stability and add detail reminiscent to the classic typeface Copperplate Gothic with wider proportions. These proportions and the arched crossbars on the letter A give a sense of luxury and a timeless look.

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