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Vioside is a mobile and web development firm with a mission to provide simple solutions to otherwise complex technical problems. For the last twelve years, this small studio has been crafting simple technology solutions for various clients and products. Emphasising their approach to simple solutions, Vioside was ready for a rebrand to reflect their more recent work and vision for the next ten years.


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Vioside’s process on simplifying complexity can be mirrored in the way that technology was ushered to progress in the last thirty years — from slow machines presented in highly pixelated graphic interfaces, to fast, efficient ones connected to razor-sharp displays. This parallel informed our design process while developing Vioside’s visual identity. We started by asking the question, what if we could present this progress on a logotype rather than a timeline?

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Pixel as a symbol of tech progress

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Pixelated to pixel-perfect

Based on the custom-designed logotype, we also designed a set of icons to accompany the Vioside brand. The design was inspired by Apple’s famous icons seen on the Apple Macintosh 1.0 launched in 1984 which were designed by the now legendary Susan Kare.

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The Vioside brand is simple, current and relevant with elements harking back to the advent of graphic user interfaces. The logotype is clear, distinct and meaningful. The brand’s concept of evolving to simplicity is reflected throughout various brand elements like photography branding, typography and iconography.

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