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Voltaic’s product is a payment provider for marketplaces. The brief for this fintech brand was to position it as a game changer in the industry. A fintech product that gives power to businesses when it comes to accepting payments.


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Supercharged payments

04 b2b fintech branding logo composition
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Lightning speed

A lightning bolt symbol was used as a starting point. This reflects Voltaic’s message of “Supercharged Payments”. This symbol is present in the logotype and it also adapted to other brand elements such as photo framing and app icon.

06 b2b fintech branding guidelines
07 b2b fintech branding social media
08 b2b fintech branding messaging


Following an internal brand perception survey, we proposed the name Voltaic to represent a source of energy, power, and acceleration. The name Voltaic created new possibilities for messaging and we proposed the tagline Super-charged Payments as an identifier.

The word Voltaic informed the visual identity and introduced the lightning bolt as a symbol which was applied to other parts of the identity.

09 b2b fintech branding billboard
10 b2b fintech branding icons
11 b2b fintech branding product diagram 12 b2b fintech branding business cards


A cohesive brand identity which is made up of separate components working all in harmony. The name, the messaging, the tone of voice, colour and logotype all communicate a message of power and acceleration. The brand identity was carried forward to product applications and a customer-facing website.

13 b2b fintech branding website mockup
14 b2b fintech branding ui component
15 b2b fintech branding website
16 b2b fintech branding webpage
17 b2b fintech branding website stats
18 b2b fintech branding country selection
19 b2b fintech branding mobile website

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