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Sliding into the weekend
Airline Marketing Pop Up Event
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To increase bookings on its Malta to Barcelona route, Vueling airlines needed to engage in a localised marketing campaign. As a low-cost airline with a playful attitude flying to the vibrant city of Barcelona, Vueling’s target travellers are young adults. Our brief was to capture the attention of university students during University Freshers’ Week. We faced two key challenges: Freshers’ is a crowded and chaotic space, and Vueling does not have digital marketing channels specific to the Maltese market.



We needed to create a real-world brand experience that was engaging enough to take off on social media feeds—organically. Inspired by Vueling’s tradition of offbeat and exciting guerrilla events, we created a first-of-its-kind interactive game for Freshers’ Week 2018. Uni students flocked to ‘Slide into the Weekend’ with Vueling for the chance to win prizes ranging from notebooks to free weekend getaways. The campaign’s reach was extended beyond campus with Roller Hostesses ‘sliding’ along the streets of Malta’s major shopping districts, hosting spontaneous travel trivia challenges for the chance to win Vueling gear. A press trip rounded off the campaign, with local fashion and lifestyle blogger Daniel Azzopardi jetting off to Barcelona with Vueling.


As a result of this campaign, a majority of the airlines’ route bookings now originate from Malta, which makes it one of Malta’s largest outbound routes for locals travelling abroad. Vueling’s ‘Slide into the Weekend’ concept game at Freshers’ Week was the talk of campus throughout the week, drawing the attention of thousands of students, besides their professors and local media personalities. The game frequently featured in social media feeds, while display advertising on Malta’s top websites reinforced brand recall and pushed traffic to Vueling’s booking engine.