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We started working with Weavr’s founding team in the very early start-up days and helped them develop the first product prototypes and collateral. After their first round of investment, Weavr were ready to scale and start offering tailored solutions for selected use cases. This needed to be matched with an updated brand identity; one which resonates with software engineers and C-level teams alike.


The Weavr brand is modular and this is reflected in the brand elements that compose the Weavr brand. The different elements and colour palette can change and adapt to the collateral they are being used on, whether an illustration, a blog image, an advert or an e-book. This further reinforces Weavr’s nature of being an enabler in payment — one which weaves different payment components into one simple plug-and-play service.


Today we work with Weavr’s ever growing marketing, product, customer experience and sales teams to deliver User Experiences and marketing collateral that speak to Weavr’s users and potential partners and investors alike.

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Weavr Icons

When we started Weavr, we worked with Hangar from the get-go. They were incredibly good at transforming abstract and inevitably still unhardened ideas into a crisp design — the branding as well as the UX — which made it all far more real, first to us founders, and soon after to everyone else.

Alex Mifsud

Co-Founder & CEO

Product UX

Working closely with Weavr’s ever-growing product team, we have been helping them design the product’s journey while identifying features and possibilities. We are responsible for ensuring a seamless journey for their users through interactive prototypes which are then translated into product screens.

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Weavr ux

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