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Branding a law firm that is firmly unconventional
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Twelve years after it was established, WH Partners needed to refocus its brand identity to better reflect what makes this multidisciplinary law firm an award-winning one. WH Partners is a law firm with an unconventional personality. Considered to be a leader in technology law, it recently confirmed this position by entering and quickly establishing expertise in the rapidly developing blockchain industry.


After conducting group and one-on-one interviews with WH Partners’ team, we decided the firms’ new brand identity should be re-rooted in its history of (and commitment to) technology and innovation. We designed every brand element for WH Partners to communicate the firms’ unconventional approach and distinguish it from competitors.


The lines found on printed circuit boards inspired the design of the WH monogram—a visual theme that we also extended to the brand’s custom pattern. We selected a burnt orange brand colour to emphasise the firm’s human approach and warm personality, which is reinforced by a typeface that is modern and clean with a humanist touch.