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Founded in 1999, Yapstone is a payment provider established within the hospitality industry. As part of their growth strategy and recent acquisitions, Yapstone were seeking growth in new verticals and regions. This meant that the company was ready for a rebrand to mark an important milestone and a shift in the business’ vision.


Yapstone’s business is built around its flexible payment solution — a product that can be marketed as separate modules or as a fully-integrated solution. This is reflected in the visual identity, with parts coming in from separate directions to form one whole. The product now serves different markets and regions.


The visual identity is made up of different elements which come together to form a cohesive visual communication. The distinct Y in Yapstone can live on its own, separate from the rest of the visual identity while still being a clear brand identifier. The typography keeps the tone light and approachable, while the iconography uses geometry which can be found in the rest of the brand application.

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The team at Hangar has provided us with excellent service from start to finish. Keeping true to our core company values, Hangar stepped in and delivered exactly what we needed with an efficient approach that instantly aligned with our business requirements. I recommend Hangar to all business owners who want to refine their vision and know the extraordinary value of consistent branding.

Mike Orlando

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Custom Iconography

Yapstone’s custom-designed icons were developed according to the context they were used in. The larger versions made use of Yapstone’s contrasting colour palette, while smaller icons were limited in colour and detail to ensure clear visual communication.

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Product UX

Being the most prominent and often-used brand touch point, it was imperative that the product’s User Experience is on par with Yapstone’s new visual identity. It was important for Yapstone to show that this wasn’t just a surface treatment but a change in the business direction which was a user-centric one too. Together with the Yapstone engineering team, we worked on providing a better User Experience by re-thinking core parts of the product.

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