Envisioning a future for your brand is about more than giving it a name, voice and face. We question your brand’s competitive position, market opportunities and hurdles. Together, we set a strategic direction, build momentum for your brand and bring it to life across every touchpoint.


Successful brands have personalities. That is why people fall in love with brands and stick with them—for the long haul. We build strong brands that touch the heart and speak to the mind. But let’s not get emotional (yet).

We provide advice and support on brand positioning issues and develop brand strategies that support real growth today — and for the long haul. It all starts with identifying who you are and what you stand for while unravelling your point of difference and brand purpose. Through exceptional brand consultancy, interviews and workshops, we’ll help you build a firm, strategic brand foundation.

We craft brand identities that competitively position brands and add real value to your bottom line. Our expertise lies in defining a brand’s values and distilling them into a distinct identity. We conduct comprehensive competitor research to ensure your brand identity stands out within your sector. A strong brand is one that is embedded in the mind of its audience, so we also explore relevant trends and audience behaviours that can strengthen the final result.

We recognise the power of a flexible and consistent visual brand and consider typography, colour palettes, imagery, illustration and iconography. Finally, we consider high-level brand applications and how your brand’s touchpoints will look and feel across contexts and environments. The final result? A timeless brand identity supported by comprehensive brand guidelines and a compelling brand narrative.

Rebranding is a smart investment for companies that have stopped attracting new customers, brands that want to matter more to their existing customers, businesses that are changing their product or service strategy, or newly acquired ventures with rusted bodywork that doesn’t (yet) match their exceptional engines.

The secret to success in business? It’s on your payroll. As the engine and face of your brand, employees are undoubtedly your most important audience and investment opportunity. And if you’re just discovering what team building, CSR and Slack are — you’re doing it wrong.

Hangar helps companies matter more to their employees and excel at recruitment marketing with effective employer branding strategies. We unravel your purpose and values as an employer. Combining industry best practices, market intelligence and insights from primary research, we craft employer branding strategies that provide a clear vision and a practical toolkit for employers who believe good enough isn’t good enough.

You can’t build a brand in a workshop, but you can learn where to start. Why do some brands bloom while others are doomed? Gain practical insights into the strategic, practical and creative sides of branding with our branding workshop. Ideal for professional development, team building and change-making.

We can help you take stock of your brand. What do your customers, employees, competitors and leadership think and feel about your brand? How is it positioned in your sector? Do you have brand equity, and what is its value? A brand audit can uncover overlooked opportunities for growth while helping leaders make strategic decisions about brand positioning and rebranding issues.

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Jeanine Esquenazi

Brands Lab International

“From the first attempt to establish contact I got a fast, effective, professional and friendly response. We decided to go with Hangar because we thought their own website, case studies, proposals for branding and aesthetics met what our company needed. From the first communication to the end result the process was smooth, right on point, always on time and reliable. Our main offices are located in Miami and we were a bit hesitant about working with a company in Malta but we don’t regret it for a second.

We have been recommending Hangar as the end result is impeccable; their concept of aesthetics is classy, modern and up to date. We will continue working with them for all of our branding and website needs. It was a true pleasure working with Hangar.”

Clint Tabone - Hangar
Clint Tabone
Design Partner + Brand Strategist
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