We drive awareness, demand and loyalty for products and services, with proven experience across industries from FMCG to fintech. By applying rigorous brand thinking to the pace of 2019’s media and consumer culture, we produce memorable marketing campaigns and insightful strategies.


You have a brand. You have a product. Now it’s time to let it loose in the world— and have the world continuously take notice.

We create research-led marketing strategies with sophisticated market segmentation, market intelligence and actionable insights at their heart. Comprehensive and focused, our marketing strategies drive measurable results.

You are an expert in your industry. To deliver a strategy that works, we become one too. We root our strategies in meticulous research and observation, embedding ourselves in your company and sector. That is why our marketing strategies are known as implementation-driven, actionable tools.

From experiential to digital, we orchestrate memorable marketing campaigns fine-tuned to the goals of startups, scaleups and some of the world’s largest brands, driving marketing campaigns from conception to completion.

Our expertise is in the localisation of global brands and taking local brands global. With a team that hails from around the world, we bring global trends and insights to Malta — and make them stick.

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. By closing the gap between ’we think’ and ’we know,’ market research is the smartest investment you can make in your company.

Hangar has conducted primary research for local and international brands in up to 15 geographies. Our market research process uncovers truths about products, perceptions, pricing and people through focus groups, custom surveys and meticulous analysis reports.

If you think digital marketing means boosting Facebook posts, you are not realising the full potential of the most hyper-targeted and cost-efficient marketing channel at your disposal.

From seasonal campaigns to perpetual promotion we define your message, make it stick and optimise its delivery across search engines, websites, email, social media and digital content platforms. Our proven track record extends across industries, from FMCG to fintech.

The secret to success in business? It's on your payroll. As the engine and face of your brand, employees are undoubtedly your most important audience and investment opportunity. And if you're just discovering what team building, CSR and Slack are — you're doing it wrong.

Hangar helps companies matter more to their employees and excel at recruitment marketing with effective employer branding strategies. We unravel your purpose and values as an employer. Combining industry best practices, market intelligence and insights from primary research, we craft employer branding strategies that provide a clear vision and a practical toolkit for employers who believe ‘good enough‘ isn't good enough.

We apply the same rigour to content marketing as we do to marketing strategies. To deliver content marketing that sticks, we immerse ourselves in your sector and get to know your audience through deep and targeted research. The result is SEO-friendly content marketing with a difference, steeped in accurate and compelling industry insights and clear, concise brand messages.

Jess Gerrow - Hangar
Jess Gerrow
Marketing Partner + Strategist
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