Whether it lives on a desktop, mobile or shelf, Hangar can help you bring it to life, from product strategy to prototyping and packaging design.

Our Capabilities

You provide the idea. We provide talented craftspeople, the latest tools and a methodical design process, working collaboratively with you to transform your concept into a product that’s ready for market.

Are you trying to solve a pain point? Are you trying to add more value to an everyday experience? Are you scratching your own itch? Our product strategy starts with intention and dives deep into the type of detail investors, partners and customers want and need. The result is a product strategy with a well-founded business case, a pragmatic pricing model, and a marketing path that sets you one step ahead.

Whether you want to build an app or a real-world product you can hold, eat or wear — prototyping will help you test ideas without building them. A prototype provides great value when testing the experience of using a product. A prototype can also help you explain your product or business concept to potential investors. Nothing is better than showing exactly how your product will work and look.

Clint Tabone - Hangar
Clint Tabone
Design Partner + Brand Strategist
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