Learning curves are sexy. Organise a workshop with Hangar and turn your team into design thinkers. Based on deep industry experience, our workshops blend practical knowledge with entertaining storytelling. This is professional development made purposeful — and playful.

Our Workshops

We offer four workshops on branding, design thinking, typography and the design process.

Type is all around you. Why not master it? Type Talks are designed for everyone from creative professionals and software developers to educators and executives. Learn how to improve your communication through typesetting in this entertaining and interactive 3-hour workshop. Unravel the good (and bad) practices of typesetting and its surprising history.

Why do some brands bloom while others are doomed? Gain practical insights into the strategic, practical and creative sides of branding with purpose. This workshop considers the history and definition of brand purpose and process, from sketch to screen. Through interactive case studies, we also consider how brands affect businesses and dive into the successes (and failures) of re-branding.

End your fear of the blank canvas. This workshop is purposefully designed for emerging and established designers. Understand the design process and learn to define and apply intent to produce successful project outcomes and fulfilling client relationships.

Design thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, but we believe its potential goes far beyond design. As a process, design thinking is a wonderful catalyst for change-making across organisations, from marketing to management. Learn how to apply design thinking and the benefits of The Design Method to your life and work.

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