A brand is not just a logo

A brand is many things.

03 July 2017
A brand is not just a logo Image
A brand is not just a logo Image

by Clint Tabone Founder & Creative Director

Many businesses mistake branding for a marketing or creative function rather than an organisational function but a brand should find its way in the places you probably least expect it.

A brand is the way your staff communicates with your audience.
A brand is the colours you use for the uniforms, the signage, the ad.
A brand is the tone of voice you use to communicate.
A brand is that toilet sign hanging by the bar.
A brand is the music playing at the high street store.
A brand is the scent chosen for the hotel lobby.
A brand is the TV channel you pick for your reception.
A brand is the values you believe in.
A brand is the business purpose.
A brand is the price tag hanging from that coat you badly want to buy.
A brand is that CSR exercise carried out last year.
A brand is the typeface used for your marketing collateral.
A brand is your vehicle livery, whether a plane, train or van.
A brand is the box your laptop came in.
A brand is your business card and letterhead.
A brand is the label inside the t-shirt you’re wearing.
A brand is the restaurant’s food menu.
A brand is the dials on your car’s dashboard.
A brand is the ambiance of your favourite coffee shop.
A brand is how you find a product on a website and its checkout process.
A brand is the room temperature.
A brand is the jingle on a radio advert.
A brand is your business story.
A brand is the relationship with other brands.
A brand is a swipe, pinch or tap.
A brand is the tone in your messaging app.
A brand is a pattern or texture.
A brand is a building and its architecture.

A brand is not just a logo.

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