Chasing Dreams in Our Work


23 January 2017

Chasing Dreams in Our Work Image

by Clint Tabone Founder & Creative Director

Chasing Dreams in Our Work Image

There are great clients and there are great projects. When it comes to choosing client work, we select projects that can either offer a thrilling challenge, or businesses with values that align to ours.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you about my love for classic cars. This is an extension of my passion for good design as I find that classics have so much to offer and many details to drool over.

About a year ago Hangar started using Slack. Our list of channels varied from clients to departments such as HR or Finance. Jess decided to add a channel: #dreamclients.

A place where we add brands we would love to work with, said the channel description. I had never thought of dream clients myself but it didn’t take me long to come up with a list of contenders—some more ambitious than others. Top of my list was Mdina Grand Prix.

I had been following this event since its origins. I’ve always believed that it has potential and the opportunities to make this an even better event are endless. So I started working on finding a contact to schedule a meeting with the organising committee. A few weeks later, we were sitting with that committee discussing goals for Mdina Grand Prix 2016—later named Malta Classic.

Speed and classic cars aside, Malta Classic was one of our most challenging projects to date due to both its size and the variety of disciplines involved (for the first time, we explored areas such as merchandise and event branding).

Our #dreamclients channel gave us—gives us—new challenges, and having a list of ambitious projects in one place is both a reminder and a wake up call for our team to be more proactive and chase dreams in our work.

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