Commission omission

Why we have never accepted commissions.

25 February 2017

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Our clients repeatedly tell us that Hangar is different.

What makes Hangar different is the practices we have always followed and the standards we have always held ourselves to.

Like commissions. Or rather, a lack of them.

We don’t accept commissions from advertisers or suppliers. There are three reasons we have always taken this approach.

We earn our worth by adding value to our clients.

A client cannot trust a communications and advertising strategy if commissions are involved — and trust is at the core of our work. Something else that makes Hangar different is the collaborative approach we take with clients. We don’t just do the easy work of promoting products, we work with clients to do the harder work of making sure a product is right for its intended purpose and audience. This type of relationship can only work when a client places their full trust in us. And how can a client trust us if we accept commissions—bribes by a different name—from advertisers? Commissions are a bias that do not add value to relationships.

We can only stand by our recommendations if they are unbiased, and we must always stand by our recommendations.

We work with the best printers, artisans and contractors to get the best results for our clients. Discounts and commissions never influence our selection process. Quality is the top criteria. This makes our work better and produces better results for our clients. Win-win, no-brainer.

The creative industry is not special.

Would you accept the authority of a paid restaurant or hotel review? Would you trust a paid endorsement for a hairstylist or financial advisor or an architect? Why should our industry be any different? We commit to holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Sometimes different is better.

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