“The future of marketing is digital only” has become such a common marketing mantra that it’s more often accepted than questioned. But how can the future of marketing be digital only, when our lives are decidedly not so?

Life is digital and physical. We commute. We pass through checkouts at shops and accept parcels from human couriers. We email, call and message. We go to restaurants, gyms and cinemas. We see, hear, touch, tap and taste.

To describe humans as either consumers or users deprives humans of complexity. Similarly, to describe marketing as either traditional or digital deprives marketing strategies of complexity.

Successful marketing isn’t just about the 4 P’s—it’s about the whole alphabet. It is games and guerrilla, packaging and publicity, re-targeting and radio, search and social, signage and service, stories and snaps, transit and television, video and virality, IM, AR, LMNOP.

Marketing is about understanding human behaviour and human relationships to brands, media, products and consumption.

Marketing is about reaching humans where they are.

At Hangar, we practice integrated marketing communications. We build strategies driven by human behaviour and rooted in data. We inspire behaviour by linking messages throughout time and place. We do not overlook any aspect of marketing because it’s the trendy or easy thing to do. We value and maximise the opportunity of every brand touchpoint—digital or not.

Humans, brands and clients deserve nothing less.