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Design as a catalyst for tech evolution

08 February 2023

Tech Mate: Human Image

by Clint Tabone Founder & Creative Director

Tech Mate: Human Image

AI will make some professions obsolete.

Blockchain will revolutionise the internet.

The metaverse will be the new hangout place.

Every company will become a fintech company.

You probably heard some of these predictions. Some sound scary, others less so, and others—well, who knows? What’s for sure is that humans will always play a role in the creation, communication and consumption of these technologies. Humans will drive the demand for them but also the creation of new technologies. No humans, no technology. It’s never been the other way round.

One of the key ways that new technologies are shaping the future is by enabling humans to do more with less. Automation allows humans with repetitive tasks, freeing up time and resources for more complex and creative work. This is not only improving productivity but also helping to drive economic growth and development.

It is important to recognise that the development of new technologies is not an end in itself. Rather, the ultimate goal of new technologies should be to improve the lives of humans and make the world a better place, health tech is a clear example. To achieve this, it is essential that humans remain at the centre of the design and development process.

Design serves as an interface and a universal language that can be easily understood by humans, even for the most complex technological innovation. It can ensure that new technologies are not only functional and effective, but also intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible to all. By putting the needs and preferences of humans at the forefront of the design process, designers can help to create technologies that are tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of individual users, and that can be seamlessly integrated into their lives.

Without a doubt, the emergence of new technologies is transforming the future of humans in many ways. New technologies are providing new opportunities for human development and progress. However, to ensure that these technologies truly benefit humans, it is important that we remain at the centre of the design and development process, and that design is used as a bridge to connect technologies and humans.

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