“We met on Instagram” isn’t typically part of one’s professional story. But then, Hangar isn’t a typical creative agency.

After graduating from business school I spent some time taking freelance jobs as a digital marketing strategist and writer. Digital marketing was my area of expertise and I was an early user of Instagram, back when filters were the thing because they made your iPhone 3G photos look less crap.

For a while I felt like I was the only one in the world sharing grams from Malta. Anything Maltese stuck out in my Instagram feed, Valletta 2018’s “Protagonisti” video series more than most. I was thrilled to see a cultural organisation using this platform to share stories with depth and character. This is the kind of work I wanted to be part of.

Working in digital marketing means you voraciously consume online content. During one of my marathon consumption sessions I happened upon Hangar. I liked what I saw and I wanted in.

Later that day, Clint and Cedric received “New Follower” notifications on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. They were all from me.

Throughout the next year I took on freelance work through Hangar, slowly getting to know the team, their methods and their portfolio of work. That Protagonisti video series on Instagram? Hangar. That YouTube-video-love-letter-to-Valletta? Hangar. That pastizzi video I fell in love with on Foodie TV? Hangar.

When Clint and Cedric asked me to formally join the team this winter they didn’t have much convincing to do.