What’s in a Hangar?

The hunt for the right name.

30 March 2016

What’s in a Hangar? Image

by Clint Tabone Founder & Creative Director

What’s in a Hangar? Image

We both knew that naming a product or business wasn’t going to be easy. We had scraps of A3 paper piled up in my room with hundreds of names. All crossed out. I remember looking at names like Parliament, Vitamin, Church, Protein. We liked the sound of them. We liked that it was just one word. We liked the quirkiness—a name which had nothing to do with the business but makes it memorable anyway.

Before going through this exercise, Hangar was known as Nine Hundred and there was a very short time where it was known as Cloak & Dagger too, but that’s for another story. Those two didn’t work and for obvious reasons.

We liked the idea of a name that represents a collective effort since we’ve always been about collaboration and also liked a name that represents a physical space.

A hangar is a place where engineers and designers meet and where a high level of precision is attained. A place where big things happen and ambitions are high. A place where it takes skill and craftsmanship to survive. That could work, we thought.

We settled for Hangar and waited for it to brew in our heads. We waited to find out whether this could have any negative reactions later on and bounced it off our peers to gauge some feedback.

We have been called Hangar for more than 3 years now. Maybe one day we’ll have a hangar to work out of too.

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