Client work comes first, but lately we’re starting to pour the passion we give other brands into our own.

A space to write and share ideas keeps our creative muscles fit, so when we launched our first website back in 2013 we fiddled with the idea of having a blog. Because you know, everybody has a blog nowadays. But we thought “Why don’t we call it Journal instead?” The idea was that we didn’t have to stick to exclusively writing and we could keep it up-to-date more frequently. We thought Tumblr would be great for that because then we can also share behind the scenes images too without going through the exercise of writing a full blog post. See how many entries we have?

Then came Medium which we used as an excuse as to why we don’t have many entries on our Journal. But again, how many Medium entries do we have? You guessed it.

A new website brings new ideas and new ways of doing things. Stories is a solution to the above. At least we think. And also because storytelling is our thing you know. We will be writing thoughts, observations, shout outs for stuff we like, inspiration, our process, lessons learned. Whatever tickles our fancy really. And it doesn’t have to be work or industry-related either. We added a challenge though: we must never exceed 300 words. Constraints breed creativity, but this at times can be easier said than done.

So here are our first 300 words or less about how Stories started.