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Learning curves are sexy. CVs aren’t.

05 April 2017

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In the past year, Hangar has started to really grow. Not just in terms of the number of the clients and projects we’re working on (we’re breaking our own records every month, and that’s another story) but in terms of sheer person-power. Hangar doubled in size in 2016 by thoughtfully selecting talented designers, developers, filmmakers and marketers to work with us. And we’re set to do it again in 2017.

No one joins Hangar based on their CV. We select talent based on two things that we think are more important than where a designer has gone to school or where a marketer has worked.

We don’t do interviews. We meet up for informal chats—over a drink when possible—so we actually get to meet each other. This is important because Hangar is one of those rare companies where everyone (and their dogs) fits together. It makes our work and lives better.

We often spend evenings, weekends, even holidays together because we genuinely like each other. Spending time with our colleagues is not required (we don’t have an office) and it’s usually not even planned. It’s spontaneous and natural, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Hangar, we fit together because we are very different in skills, interests and personalities. Steve follows stocks, Cedric composes music, Mike juliennes and sautés. Despite being different, we share a few common beliefs that making working together feel natural and fulfilling:

  • We freely share ideas that excite us, projects we admire, new skills, and even homemade lunches.
  • We don’t care about your gender, religion, sexual orientation or politics.
  • We never accept clients or projects that compromise on the values of our colleagues.
  • We work together towards lofty goals, but we do not ask more of each other than is humanly possible. In fact, we pride ourselves on being humans. (The work robots produce just isn’t as good—yet.)

Self-teaching is the most important selection criteria for working at Hangar. Learning curves are sexy. Everyone at Hangar self-teaches constantly.

You must love your practice enough to care about staying a step ahead. We create an environment that offers space for learning, but we expect everyone at Hangar to be proactive in this space. We know from experience that a hunger for learning naturally spills over into your work and work ethic. It is the truest indicator of a great marketer, filmmaker, designer or developer.

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