The grass on the other side is

A branding exercise for friends and collaborators Vioside.

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17 October 2022
The grass on the other side is Image

If you look through our case studies such as this one or this one, you will notice in the credits section that Vioside are kind of our extended arm for web development. Our working relationship goes back to 2018, when we were working on Onvoy’s mobile application. Specialising mainly in mobile app development, the team at Vioside has been our go-to firm for web development.

So when Vioside discussed the possibility of a rebranding exercise, we were thrilled to be on board. Firstly, because they became friends, but also because we immediately had a hunch on how to tackle this project. We know the people behind the business and we know what makes them tick, and what they stand for. The Vioside identity was inspired by the progress of technology in parallel to the progress of Vioside’s business and their mission statement of simplifying complex concepts — it starts pixelated but it ends crystal clear.

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